Gammavox Ltd. was launched in Hungary 9 years ago.

We have subsidiary companies in Croatia, Romania.
We are operating vending machines, kiddy rides, coffee machines and 4 years ago we
started to produce vending machines as well.
Our imported distributed products (refreshed based on customers need) are as follows: 
    - bubble gums, candies (those which can not be bought in trade)
    - bouncing balls in different sizes
    - capsules including child toys
    - key chain, sticky toys, plush toys, flashing mobiles, etc.

On yearly basis we are selling more than 30 tones of bubble gums and more than 4 millions bouncing balls and capsules.
Currently we have more than 9 000 vending machines which we increase almost every week. We are the biggest company in this field in eastern Europe.
We are able to produce as much vending machines as we need any time.
We have more than 30 emloyees and we are also outsourcing some part of our profile.
Our biggest partners are:
-   Tesco
-   9 Plazas (Székesfehérvár, Győr, Sopron, Nagykanizsa, Kaposvár, Szeged,
     Szolnok,    Miskolc, Debrecen)

-   3 Pólus (Budapest/Kecskemét/Barcs)