The most important part of business is putting vending machine.

For your money return back soon search the most frequent places by children in your environs.The best places for vending machine are the shops near by schools. But all places visited by children from playground to swimming pools guarantee quick profit.Very important putting the machine on visible place. It doesn't worth to put machine near the school if the machine is hidden in the shops!The best solution to put in front of the shop, because the children like playing with it and they don't like to be controlled during playing.
The second step, if you found the good place, to look for the shopkeeper or the boss because he's the only person who can decide. There's no good to convince the employee because his answer is not worthwhile and he won't explain the advantages precisely to the boss.
If you found the boss let's do your offer.

What is your offer?
- The shop has nothing to pay for the machine!
- The vending machine is a simple mechanical thing, no need electricity, no need   money to operate.
- The operating, maintenance, filling, empty, clearing the machine are your task, the shop doesn't have to care about it.
- There's nothing to invest but get money!
- The shopkeeper get 10-20% of the revenue for let you put the machine in front of the shop!
- This is an extra service of the shop.
- Increase the standard of the shop!
- If the children see the machine they drag their parents and the parents will buy in the shop!
- The machine works with coins. So the kids have to change coin in the shop and if he's there he probably buy something.
- The contract can be terminated anytime, so the shopkeeper doesn't have any covenant.

If you tell all these advantages to the owner he can't refuse your offer (if he has good sense of business) and he signs the contract. If somebody says no. Don't worry! Think about the many shops where you can put machines.

There's anything to do, just get in touch with us!